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i luuuuv waffles.ah luv them gooood. [Sep. 30th, 2005|11:25 am]
pick up shooting today.just pulled some monsters out of the oven and seamed them.should prove to be a long day.
joe is coming up and i'll be turning him into a werewolf at my place,then i'll drink coffee and turn alec rossel into a genetically mutated nazi supersoldier.then probably more coffee.
after everything is finished i'll be heading to cinema wasteland to buy things.
then more coffee.
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garbage pail kids the movie on dvd [Sep. 28th, 2005|01:07 am]
[mood |draineddrained]
[music |apoptygma berzerk-rollergirl]

I was not expecting to stumble in to kroger and find it on the rack for 10 bucks.it's total crap but it's 80's crap,full of big jersey hair and rubber radio control monsters.now that's hotter than rubbing steel wool on gramma for sure.
makes up for the whole vomitng in my car thing.
....i'm so ripe with disease.
on to other things.anyone who goes to trevor browns http://www.pileup.com/babyart/_top.htm and finds the lesbian crash test dummies making out in front of a warholesque mulitple print of a car wreck making out as pink blood oozes from their mouths gets a free venereal disease from me,autographed and sealed in an a1 steak sauce bottle.
contest void in all 50 states and surrounding countries.
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how sweet would this be? [Sep. 22nd, 2005|02:00 am]
[mood |sick,but excited]

so if you don't know,i'm a big fan of robosapien.i have the first one(although i have no real time to play with him)and am getting the second version when it comes out.but the third one will be even cooler.apparently they are trying to figure out how to download the sims personalities into them.how cool would it be if you could develop a video game character and dump it into a tangible form.the applications for something like this have had my wheels spinning.maybe artificial humanoid companions are around the corner.wouldn't lavey have been pleased with that.
....i do have an anton lavey mold....and it would probably not take much to modify it.that would be a nifty tribute.
anyway,heres the link
also,i have a myspace account now.check it out and make me feel less isolated and shut in
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"stage planks"or"I'll have the stale dog biscuit with the menstral glaze [Aug. 30th, 2005|11:29 pm]
yucky huh?
....had something to say a moment ago,just let it get away
back to my cup of tea.
go here.it's swell.
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well, the truth is out [Aug. 26th, 2005|11:24 am]
[mood |anxiousanxious]
[music |tiny tim-tiptoe through the tulips]

If i was a serial killer i would be Jack the Ripper.

Jack the Ripper, by far the most notorious killer of all time. What would drive a man to kill 5 prostitutes, surgically mutilate the bodies, then stop, to never be heard from again? Most of the murders were pretty much the same, the victim had her throat cut and her abdomen exposed, the intestines were placed over her right shoulder and sometimes a kidney or even the heart had been removed.

Jack the RIpper's murders are still unsolved.

Kill count: 5

Find what serial killer you would be, Take the Serial Killer Quiz now!
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(no subject) [Aug. 8th, 2005|11:08 pm]
so i decided to figure out how to change the colors of my scrollbars on my site this evening.the standard gun metal gray just doesn't work.whooodah thunk it would become a project.i had to pretty well go over the whole site.i also noticed how there were huge junks of useless javascript in most of my pages from when i originally edited this thing with a wysiwyg editor.i just didn't know better.
anyway, i suppose it was time well spent....
i need a distraction now.
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shane owes me cookies....YOU OWE ME COOKIES YOU BITCH!!!!!!! [Aug. 8th, 2005|12:19 am]
[mood |thoughtfulthoughtful]
[music |distillers-the hunger]

Heres the survey(never really done one.Thought it might be good to get all the mental kinks out and such and such)

1. Spell your first name backwards - nwahs

2. Story behind your name – irish crap.too bad i'm not really irish.my parents need to research things better
3. How old are you - old enough
4. Where do you live – Johnstown ,Ohio

5. Wallet – casket shaped black leather with a pentagram on it.naked picture of brinke stevens inside.cartoon villiany at its finest.

6. Hairbrush – hot pink

7. Toothbrush – blue with rubber bristles

8. Jewelry worn daily –cheap black plastic bead necklace.

10. Pillow cover - whatever is soft enough to rest my head on.

13. Sunglasses –black with red lenses

14. Favorite shirt – black "goblin" tee

15. Cologne/Perfume –soap

16. CD in stereo right now –i think with teeth is in my car.lately i have been listening to the new garbage and mephisto walz

17. Piercings – None

18. What are you wearing now- black t and work jeans.

19. Wishing – i had more time.

20. Wanting – to wake up next to a certain set of green eyes

21. What will you be doing for the remainder of the day? - watch thundercats and maybe update my links page

22. If you could get away with it and murder anyone, who and for what? -shane your answer for this is remarkably stupid,dude.
If i did it, it wouldn't be called murder so much as pest control.

23. Person you wish you could see right now – she knows who she is.

24. Some of your favorite movies –
1. a.i. artificial intelligence
2. The dark crystal
3. Suspiria
4. The holy mountain
5. the hunger
6. blazing saddles
7. new wave hookers
25. Something you're looking forward to in the coming month -
thundercats season one and horrorfind.
finishing a personal project.

26. Last thing you ate – pizza

28. Do you like candles - sure

29. Do you like incense – depends on what it smells like.

30. Do you like the taste of blood – sure,but i prefer it when it clots

31. Do you believe in love – sure

32. Do you believe in soul mates –no.

33. Do you believe in love at first sight - i believe in intense physical attraction at first site

34. Do you believe in Heaven – No.

35. Do you believe in God –that question takes too long to answer

36. What do you want done with your body when you die? stuff it full of stepper motors and servos, wire my brain to a car battery and donate cells from each major organ to cloning researchers worldwide.
37. If you could have any animal for a pet, what would it be? humans.but i would want to keep them in an ant farm type enclosure, completely with two dimensional green plastic farmhouse
38. What is the longest you've ever stayed up – 3 Days.
39. Can you eat with chopsticks – yep.

40. What's your favorite coin –i don't think i have one.

41. What are some of your favorite candies? - dots and jujubes.

42. What's something that you wish people would understand about you? - that as nice as i am, i can snap and you shouldn't go out of your way to irritate me.

43. What's something you wish you could understand better?math

44. Who is someone that you really wish was still around- living people... she knows who she is...dead...rodney dangerfield.

45. Where is your favorite place to shop?-thrift stores for broken toys

46. Have any tattoos or piercings – nope

47. What is your favorite thing to wear – a wife beater and boxers when i'm going to crash,a nice suit when i can afford it

48. How much is the most you've ever spent on a single item of clothing ? - thirty bucks for boots
49. Who is the least fashionable person you know? probably me.i have worn duct tape as a garment

50. Do you match your belt with your hair color?- yep

51. How many pairs of shoes do you own?- 3

52. What is the worst trend you see today? everything.i'm against all of it.

1. Do you do drugs? – pretty much caffeine and naproxin sodium on occassion

2. What kind of shampoo you use? garnier fructese i think.

3. What are you listening to right now- wham-performing last christmas.HAHAHAHAAHA FUCK YOU FOR ASKING!!!!!!
4. Who was the last person that you called –either benzy or the associate producer from the moooovie

5. Where do you want to get married?- in hell,when it freezes the fuck over and jonjon kennedy's bloated water logged corpse is my best man.

6. How many buddies are online right now? 1

7. What would you change about yourself? maybe my metabolism or any chemical imbalances i have to deal with.also frizzy hair

8. What are essentials in your life?-air,water,food,shelter,things to build,women

9. Do you send out holiday cards each year?-nope

1. Given someone a bath –yep

2. Bungee jumped – nope

3. Made yourself throw up – yep

4. Skinny dipped – yep

5. Made yourself cry to get out of trouble – nope

6. Cried when someone died – don't think so...when my parakeet died i did

7. Fallen for your best friend – yep

8. Been rejected – sure

9. Rejected someone – yes

10. Used someone – Yes


1. Hair – long and black

2. Make-up – rarely anymore

3. Annoyance-i'm good right now actually

4. Smell – fresh laundry

5. Interest – robot stuff i was working on earlier

6. Hate - most of my peers

7. Need –money

8. Plans for tomorrow – job stuff

9. Mindframe – mello

10. Hurt –no comment

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

1. When you look at yourself in the mirror, what's the first thing you look at? cold eyes

2. How much cash do you have on you? enough,but i want more

3. What's a word that rhymes with "TEST"? detest

4. Favorite plant? jasmine,maybe violets

5. Who is the 4th person on your missed call list on your cell phone? someone from production

6. What is your main ring tone on your phone? a phone ringtone

7. What shirt are you wearing? fuck you.i answered this.

8. Do you "label" yourself? sure.some brand of oldschool cybergoth horror dealy bullshit.

9. What name brand of shoes are you currently wearing? none

10. Are you in a Bright or Dark Room? Dark

11. What do you think about the person who took this survey before you? he's probably listening toeverclear and everclear sucksEVERCLEAR SUCKSTHEY SUUUUUUUUCK.

12. Ever "spilled the beans"?like the game?i preferred cooties,although usually i would just play with the giant bugs

13. What were you doing at midnight last night? soldering.

14. What did your last text message you received on your cell phone say? don't do text messages

15. Do you ever click on "Pop Ups" or Banners? no

16. What's a saying that you say a lot? right on,and also "if you don't sleep with me the terrorists have won".
17. Who told you they loved you last?none of your business
18. Last furry thing you touched? my cat

19. How many hours a week do you work? more than i should

20. How many rolls of film do you need to get developed? none

21. Favorite age you have been so far? i'm not there yet

22. Who is your worst enemy? he-man.eternia will be mine himbo.

23. What is your current desktop picture? an eye framed by black dark hair.very ringu-esque

24. What was the last thing you said to someone? goodnight.

25. If you had to choose between a million bucks or to be able to go back in time to fix all of your mistakes, which would you pick? a million dollars.my mistakes are part of me.
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slowly bending back into shape [Aug. 6th, 2005|08:39 pm]
[mood |refreshedrefreshed]
[music |mephisto walz-the hunter's trail/adam ant-goodie two shoes]

just now am starting to feel like myself again.It has taken me a week to restore my "studio" space to it's comparatively pristine state.My clothes took a beating too.karo blood and pax paint on everything-EVERYTHING!It has taken several go overs of goof off and adhesive remover to salvage my already shabby wardrobe.I also aquired a loverly case of either the flu or a head cold.can't tell.either way, I think I've seen the last of it.
I'm almost ready to get back to work now.Feeling more rested.I'm hoping that my work looks good on film.It was a hell of an adventure.Now if i can get a little more cash before i venture off to horrorfind, I'll be in good shape.
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prick your finger,it is done [Aug. 1st, 2005|11:09 am]
[mood |accomplishedaccomplished]
[music |bauhaus-she's in parties]

It's in the can.My first full feature film work as key make-up fx has wrapped and I am home sitting in my chair,completely exhausted.
Anyone wanting to call me, I'm home.
Now for a well deserved nap.
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here we go then [Jun. 25th, 2005|03:00 pm]
[mood |contemplativecontemplative]

I'm officially working on the film"horrors of war". I just made the purchase of 10 pounds of alginate for life casting and am about to run out and get some clay this afternoon. It will be nice to get some paying work , and will be a big boost for the old ego and look peachy keen on my resume.While i'm excited to work on this, I can't help but feel that my desire to work in movies may be waning.This is a great project to be a part of, and I feel that communication between cast and crew has been coming along pretty smoothly.I'm confidant that this will be a strong production and with our combined skills and talents, this movie will be able to stand on its own two feet.
.....but I see something else on the horizon in the not so distant future.i know that the special effects industry is not as it was ten years ago.The writing is on the wall.who knows how long and effects man can sustain himself on film alone.perhaps quite some time on the west coast or in vancouver,even england.this kind of sustanence may also be very limited told the mold room of a larger company,or pushing a broom while the fat fan boy with his labrea pierced busts your balls as he sculpts another replica of someone else's work and announces himself the next rob bottin.
Fuck that.
I hate ball busters, and am of the strong opinion that the only reason that artists flourish(when they do)is that they don't fuck each other over in their community. but this is old hat in tinsel town.this is why video games are outselling movie passes and dvd sales.this is why hollywood will die.
this is why ultimately,not yet,but ultimately,i have got to redirect my angle.
I'll pursue any film project that is offered,don't get me wrong,but i would be dangerously naive to think that my career will be built entirely on these projects.The artform of character fabrication must evolve into new territories,
or it will die out, and we will be stuck in dingy basements,building things no one will see,for no one but ourselves,and I've had a mouthful of that.trust me, it tastes terrible.
So, where will i go after the movie is over?
I'll tell you when i know.
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